The Flamingos 
Singing the original version
"I Only Have Eyes
For You"
On ABC TV - The View

'I Only Have Eyes For You'  - The love song of all love songs is still being featured on HBO, Netflix, YouTube TV, Network TV, Movies and today's digital platforms. The Flamingos' version of this song is still the most popular and sought after for TV and Movie executives in creating their sound tracks. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, The Flamingos, are still performing shows at a Las Vegas style level. They have always been celebrated for their 4 unique lead vocals and extremely complex harmonies. Billboard magazine labeled them as "the best of their era", and things haven't change through time.

Terry Johnson, the musical and vocal arranger for The Flamingos at the height of their success, is still performing and presenting the highest quality of shows for audiences of varied ages and musical taste.

The Flamingos' show includes music by The Flamingos, Barry White, Queen, Jennifer Lopez, Pharrell, Motown, Nat King Cole, standards from the American song book and much more. Don't make the mistake of putting them in an "Oldies Box". Their shows are progressive and tailored to the audience at hand. Casinos, Performing Arts Centers, Theatres and Fundraisers are their forte.